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Involve Me and I Learn

by on April 24, 2013

graduation2It’s amazing how much a person can learn in what seems like such a short amount of time. The past two years in this program have just flown by and I can’t even describe how quickly this final semester came and went. I’ll admit when I started graduate school new media wasn’t a sequence I thought I would follow. After taking the CMS class with Jacie and my first of three classes with you this past summer it was clear that the New Media sequence was the most appealing to me. Coding didn’t/doesn’t come easily to me, but I guess that’s what appealed most to me… it was challenging and new and different every time. I’ve gained a newfound confidence by learning to code. Though it can get frustrating I had to learn to just breathe and use Google often to search for helpful tips, I had to remind myself to pay attention to detail and most importantly learn how to troubleshoot.

This class was taught in a workshop type of style. And the best way I can describe this experience is through the words of  Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

HTML5_stickerIf I tried to describe everything we covered in this semester alone people would probably find it hard to believe. Shoot, even as I go back through handouts and the course outline to review thing to use within my final project I find myself astounded! We covered the basics of data visualization and infographics and practically every programming language out there… it was an immense amount of skills and while I wouldn’t call myself an expert I’ve gained the basic knowledge to continue to learn more of the skill set on my own in the future.

To do this there are numerous resources to look to in order to keep up with the changing aspects of all these skills. One thing I plan on starting to do more is attending meet ups where many of these programs (Javascript, Python, Ruby, Drupal) are the topic of discussion; Hacks and Hackers in one that you always speak of and the Texas Tribune always hosts events as well.

The SXSW Interactive is something I hope to find myself attending in the coming years since I know it is a good place to find out the need to know and where our field is and is moving forward to. ISOJ was a conference I was able to attend just recently and I found it so interesting and beneficial. That is definitely something I am going to attend again.

I’m not exactly sure what type of job or atmosphere I’m looking for right now, but I feel as though I have a solid skill set that I can offer to a future employer as long as I keep up to date and continue to learn more even after graduation.


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