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Reflection of Grad School So Far

by on April 24, 2013


P05-154-010-950x631It’s hard to think where i was at just a short two years ago. I was a new graduate with a degree in advertising. I picked advertising because it’s just something that I’ve always been fascinated with. I never really had any intention on going to the advertising industry. My original goal was to either work for my parents or go into the military as an officer. Shortly after graduation,  i discovered that i could not go into the Air Force as an officer due to a medical disqualification. I then worked for my parents and realized that i do not want to be stuck working a 9-5 “cubicle” job with them. It was simply not mentally and physically challenging enough for me. Even worse, I realized afterward that i really have no extra skills that could differentiate me amongst my newly-graduated peers. That’s when i discovered the grad program at Texas State.

I’m really glad that i decided to continue my education. I knew i wanted to go into New Media as soon as i saw the concentration. I’ll be honest that i did not know what new media was even about. I figured it’ll be something in the line of “social media advertising” or “internet communication.” Since i started the program, i’ve learned many new skills. Things such as video editing with Premier and iMovie; researching at a graduate level; and the understanding of HTML and other crucial web skills. I think my video editing skill is the one thing that i really cherish from the whole graduate program. I never realized how much i enjoy doing it. Another thing i like is the fact that i now have a basic understanding of the HTML language. I think this is such a crucial skill to have even if you’re not going into the tech industry. Not to mention the other web skills I’ve picked up such as Drupal, web scraping and the many fascinating way of telling a story through data visualization.


Following graduation, I’m planning to go into the Marine Corps as an aviator. Being the competitive nature of military aviation, there is a very high chance that i will not make the selection. If not selected, then i would like to go into the racing/automotive industry. Since I’m not an engineer, it is great that i have a diverse mass communication skills that a racing team would need. I’m glad i picked up on tools such as Twitter and other social media platforms to connect with people. It is weird to think that i did not have a Twitter account just  a short year ago. I was definitely missing out on some of the ways i can connect with professionals from a broad range career-fields.

As far as staying updated, it will be somewhat difficult for me. I think i can keep up with popular things such as WordPress and Drupal, but i will be hard for me to stay updated with newer hipster trends. I’m planning to attend SXSWi as one of the ways to lessen this effect. Maybe attend other events and workshops such as ISOJ or NPPA Storytelling Workshop.


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